LIAF Biennial,
Jon Benjamin Tallerås has followed the development of Disapperaring Acts from the early curatorial stages, and his work is immersed in the consept of the exhibition through an investigation of Lofoten as an architectual and urban site. the exhibition venue Jern & Bygg has played an imortant role, with it’s conglomerate of buildings, materials and homemade architectual solutions, often seen as a trademark of Northern Norway. The photographs in the series Experiments, propositions, decay and deterioration are shot during walks in Svolvær, with Tallerås’ particular brand of camera-based derivé: drifting through the city looking for motives and in the process finding new ways of traversing its landscape and alternative interactions with the infrastructure of urban planning. The series affectionately document themakeshift solutions and pragmatism of previous decades: a pragmatism slowly giving way to standarisation, store chains and the emerging industry of global tourism.