Kunsthall Oslo,
Tallerås has long been concerned with the city’s forgotten corners, waste grounds and unpoliced alleyways. For the past decade he has worked in a studio in a former metal casting factory at Rolf Hofmos gate 18, next to the T-bane line at Ensjø, an address that he has shared both with other artists and with a variety of informal operations, including an illegal poker game and a biker gang. Now that building, along with the rest of Ensjø, has been razed to the ground and rebuilt into Hovinbyen, a new kind of place that is subject to a more aggressive regime of control. The book Footnotes distills the artist’s archive of many thousands of analogue photographs into a poetic visual essay, an elegy not only for Ensjø, but for the idea of the city as a human landscape where culture might exist independently from capital. For the exhibition To Reclaim Lost Futures Tallerås has built a large-scale structure from scaffolding and found materials that serves both as a reading room for Footnotes and as the projection screen for a new video. In addition, Tallerås will present three new photographic works, a print edition and a found coin that has been worked on by the itinerant Oslo character locally known as kroneknuser’n [the crown crusher].

- Will Bradley